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Kuykendall Custom Pools ~ Building Dreams One Splash at a Time!

Currently, Rick has over 30 years experience in the construction industry and over 14 specializing in swimming pools.  Cheryl has over 18 years in business management and sales with over 14 years in the construction industry.  You won’t find a better team!  A very unique difference between Kuykendall Custom Pools and Construction and all other swimming pool construction companies is Kuykendall Custom Pools does not contract all the construction work to other companies.  Kuykendall Custom Pools sits on 11 acres and features an office, show room, display pool, display kitchen, 2 shops and much more.  Kuykendall Pools has their own construction equipment including Bobcats, Excavators, Lifts, Light Towers, trailers and much more.  By doing the majority of the work themselves, quality control is managed better and the wait time for construction is shorter.   Along with the years of construction experience combined with the experience of all team members, Kuykendall Custom Pools and Construction is superior in their industry, enabling them to provide the very best in construction and customer service to each of their clients.  When you hire Kuykendall Custom Pools and Construction, you aren’t just a customer, you become family.

Kuykendall Custom Pools and Construction is a privately owned and operated, award-winning custom pool and construction company located in Conroe, Texas.  Established as Mirage Swimming Pools, Inc., Rick Kuykendall set out to raise the bar on quality swimming pool construction in Texas.  By maintaining consistency in spectacular designing, professional engineering, first-rate quality, and outstanding customer service, Mirage Swimming Pools, Inc. quickly established a reputation of exceeding client expectations in every facet of the construction and aesthetic enhancement of any outdoor living space.  In 2009, Mirage Swimming Pools, Inc. built the world’s largest residential swimming pool.  Such a project quickly propelled Rick Kuykendall and Mirage Swimming Pools, Inc. into local, national and worldwide media.  Gaining the attention of TLC’s reality stars of The Little Couple, Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold.  Mirage Swimming Pools was hired by the TV stars to create their back yard dream and appear on their reality show while doing so.  Soon after, Mirage Swimming Pools and the Kuykendall’s were featured several tv shows and networks, Million Dollar Rooms and Amazing Water Homes to name a few.  Some of these appearances can be viewed in the “Explore Our Creations” section of this website.  Once national coverage began, companies all over the country that had the word “mirage” in their business name within the swimming pool construction industry began attempting to utilize the coverage to their benefit.  Rick and Cheryl decided to have Mirage Swimming Pools, Inc. acquire the dba Kuykendall Custom Pools and Construction in order to protect consumers from being mislead and taken advantage of. 

We build elegance!

Owners Rick and Cheryl Kuykendall are both native Texans and have enjoyed building their life and family together for the past twelve years.  Together they have five children, Amanda, Constance, Ethan, Cassidy and Jessica.  They share one son-in-law and three grandchildren.  Rick Kuykendall is a desendent from one of the most prestigious families associated with the founding of the Lone Star State and several of his ancestors were members of the original Texas Rangers.  On the other side, Rick Kuykendall is a desendent of Thomas William House, Sr., mayor of Houston, Texas, 1862. Cheryl “Wiesinger” Kuykendall was born and raised in Houston.  Both Rick and Cheryl are proud Texans and share passion for each other, their families and their career.  “We enjoy our life.  We love what we do, so it’s not work for us.  We wouldn’t change a thing about our life”: Rick Kuykendall.

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