We are here for YOU!  This IS your dream back yard, we bring YOUR dream to life.  We will provide you with all the information needed for you to make the best decision for you and your family.  We are NOT sales people and never try to "talk you into" anything.  We don't spend minutes or even hours, we spend days and even weeks to provide our customers with the best designs, the best pricing and the best quality product.  Designs, personal designs, do not happen overnight and are not just a template in some software, they are personal and we take them that way.  We are not sales people and will never try to just "sell something", it may be your pool but our name is on it and we take that very seriously.  Our passion and love for our industry show in our designs and it doesn't stop there.  Once provided with the perfect design, you will receive the perfect product and experience.   

The entire team at Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction is passionate about what we do and who we do it with and for.  It is not just our job but our life.  There is nothing more rewarding when our customers tell us that their family has never spent so much time together as they have since we have completed their dream back yard.

Every dream has a beginning though and at Kuykendall Custom Pools it starts with an AMAZING DESIGN!

The dream has just begun.

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Our portfolio has been built with award winning designs because we have the BEST designers to create and bring

your dreams to life.  We use the best 3D Swimming Pool Design Software which allows us to provide you with the most life like rendering of your dream back yard.  Completing your home to look like your home, setting the elevation exactly, creating your dream with exact precise and adding materials and amenities so you can visualize the end product.  The most important thing about our designers and our designs is that you will be presented with a turn key price for your dream.  There is no guessing, no hidden charges and no surprises with Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction.

Where your dream begins!

RICK KUYKENDALL:   Owner, Founder and the "King" of Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction, Rick is not only a genius when it comes to construction, he also has an eye for design.  Knowing "how" things work gives him an amazing insight on design so he designs the seemingly impossible AND delivers it.  As the company has grown, his true expertise and passion has taken him away from the computer designs so he can best serve our customers with giving designs life.  But don't be surprised when your project is completed that there are some extra features you weren't expecting.  When a builder is also a designer, surprises happen.

DENNIS DANIEL:   Dennis joined the Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction Team from Oklahoma with years of experience designing and building swimming pools.  Dennis got the bug for design and for swimming pools as a young adult.  In 2003, Dennis started his successful and amazing career in our industry.  Dennis has won many design awards from the APSP and was voted "Best of the Best" pool designers by the readers of Oklahoma Magazine six times.  His designs have been featured in Luxury Pools, Signature Pools and Outdoors, Oklahoma Magazine and Oklahoma Lake Living.  Dennis LOVES what he does and it shows.  His passion, attention to detail, extreme imagination and love for our industry put him in the ranks of the nations best!


CHERYL KUYKENDALL:   Co-Owner, with a business management, tax and finance background, Cheryl never thought she would design anything.  Her personality, love for people and recognizing the beauty in people and the world, she soon found that by getting to know people she could easily put together customers dreams with Rick's talent and abilities to create designs that would bring families together.  Creating family experiences and memories that last a lifetime released her design abilities.

Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction

KRIS HANSEN:   Kris joined the Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction Team with a marketing degree from Texas A&M and a proven marketing and sales record.  He brought a personality, passion for people and skills to Kuykendall Custom Pools without a design background.  It didn't take him long to get it!  Forming real relationships means listening and getting to know someone which Kris not only does but enjoys, especially meeting his Aggie family.