The Kuykendall Construction Process - We take care of you!

Once you have water and you and your family are swimming and enjoying your back yard, there are still many things that need to be done until your pool and back yard is perfect.  We do not leave you, we do not turn you over to another company, we finish what we started!  We leave you with the perfect finished product. 

Kuykendall Custom Pools believes that along with quality and customer service, having a swimming pool built should be an exciting, fun and stress free experience.  We make it a very simple process for our customers and we are honest with what to expect so that there are no ugly surprises along the way.  Our proposals provided are “turnkey”, we do not mislead and then hit you with tons of change orders during the construction process.

First, complete our contact form under the menu item “Contact Us”.  You will be contacted by our office to schedule an appointment with one of our expert construction educators/designers.  We like to visit you at your home first.  Seeing the property and noticing where the windows are and what your view will be helps us put together the perfect design for you.  We will need a copy of your lot survey so we can design to scale and know exactly where the utility easements and build lines are, we do it right.

The design and proposal can take us up to two weeks but one week is normally sufficient.  The presentation appointment we do like to do at our office.  We have a display pool, showroom and conference room so you can see your pool on our big screen.  Once you view the presentation, we would love your feedback.  Changes can be made to make it exactly how you want it, it is your pool after all.  We also make our proposals easy to read and let you know exactly where the money is going.  We break down the pricing…. You will know what the pool costs, the spa, any features, deck and so on.  This way you can make changes easily and decide if something is worth it to you or not.  Should you want to make changes to fit into your personal budget, let us know.  We are experts at helping you get into a budget without having to sacrifice quality.  Other builders get you to a lower cost by cutting corners, using cheap materials, using less qualified contractors and working with companies that do not stand behind their products and/or services. This will cost you much much more in the long run.  Do it right the first time and enjoy your backyard for hassle free years to come.

Now, the design is perfect, pricing is where you want it so let’s get going!  Once you sign a construction agreement with Kuykendall Custom Pools, sit back and let us take it from here.  City permitting and HOA applications and paperwork will be done by us, again, we take care of you.  Once the paperwork has been turned into the HOA/City, you will then be put into our excavation rotation.  At this time we give you a start date three weeks from the day the paperwork is turned in.  Many cities and HOA/POA’s have an allowance of 30 to 60 days for the approval process.  In our experience it doesn’t take this long but they give themselves time for review.  Therefore by being in a rotation for starting, when we do get the approvals we can normally start within one week instead of waiting for the approval and then possibly having to wait an additional three to four weeks to start. 

Very exciting day!  We will take down a section(s) of fence for access.  Remember, your yard has now become a construction site.  It will be messy but the end result is worth it.  In most cases, it will take one day for excavation and soil removal.  The fence will remain down until we are finished with your project.  If you have dogs, please make arrangements.  We can put a construction fence in its place if needed but this doesn’t always keep some dogs in your yard.  Once we are finished, we will put back the fence we took down.  We don’t build new fences so if you are wanting a new fence, please contact a fence builder.  We will also tear up any sprinkler systems or drainage systems that are in the way of our access.  We do not have an irrigation license and cannot work on, install or repair sprinklers or existing drainage.  We recommend that you do not have any of this repaired until we are done with your project.  We also do not replace grass and recommend that you wait until we are completed with your project to have any landscapers come in.


We will come out and layout your pool based on the design before excavation day.  If you want to move the pool, this is the time to do it.  The pool layout will be with spray paint.  It will look very small to you and you may question if you want a larger pool or not.  Do not worry, everyone does this.  Once we dig you will be very surprised at how big it gets. 


Kuykendall Custom Pools ~ Building Dreams One Splash at a Time!


The pool steel will then be installed.  Steel-reinforcing rods are placed inside the excavation, along the bottom, sides, bond beam, and around the skimmers. Firmly wired together, these rods add to the strength and long life of your pool shell.  We use 3/8” rebar on 8” Centers.  You will have a ½” 4 bar box beam on your pool.  Some steps and benches will not have steel so if you don’t see them, do not worry, the steps and bench(s) will be there when gunite is installed.

Plumbing Stub Out

Plumbing & Equipment

We only use PebbleTec for the interior of our pools.  Pebble Technology, Inc. was the first to patent the process for durable, naturally beautiful pebble pool finishes in the United States over two decades ago. Since that time, its unique formulas have been the industry standard for excellence. These pool finishes are only installed by licensed, trained experts and are backed by a company with a solid reputation for customer service.  Modern Method Gunite is the licensed and trained PebbleTec Company in our area.

We will now stub out for all of your plumbing.  Plumbers will place the lines and fixtures around the form of the shell.  The main drains, return lines, water features, lighting, bubblers and any other item added to your project.  We will use 2” sch 40 for your pool plumbing and 3” sch 40 for your spa plumbing.  No flex hose is used in our pools.  The only time flex is used is in a round spa and the flex will be surrounded by gunite.  No flex in the dirt/ground because we have found that to be problematic. 

Our plumber will now set the equipment on your equipment pad, dig trenches and tie in all of the plumbing stub out in the pool to the equipment on your pad.  If you have a heater, gas fire pit/place and/or a gas grill, the gas lines will all be ran to the specified areas.

The decking that surrounds your pool can be concrete, brick, flagstone, pavers, grass or other materials. Concrete can be finished with pebbles or coated with an advanced Sundeck coating that stays cool on the hottest day.  Our concrete is poured at a minimum of 4” and is steel reinforced with 3/8” steel set on 14” – 16” centers.  We never use wire mesh in our decks.

Tile, Coping & Stone Work


This is amazing and if you can be home to watch, this is a great day to watch.  A concrete mixture called gunite is pneumatically applied under great pressure to bond tightly around the steel reinforcing rods. This results in a reinforced steel and concrete pool of superior strength. We only use Modern Method Gunite (  They are the best and you only want the best.  Your structure is most important for the life of your pool. 

Gunite is a dry mixture of sand and cement that is applied to a surface under high pressure using a compressor truck. The mixture is sprayed from a hose, where it is combined with water under pressure, as it passes through the nozzle. Gunite is first applied to the coves and walls of the pool, followed by the floors.

Gunite pools are considered the highest quality of all pool categories due to gunite's durability, flexibility of use for complex designs, and relatively smooth finish.

The primary difference between gunite and shotcrete comes from the method in which it is applied. Shotcrete is a wet mixture of sand, cement, and aggregate, meaning that the water is mixed prior to arriving at the jobsite. The basic rule of concrete is that its strength is determined by the amount of water the mixture contains. During the gunite process, the water is applied at the end of the nozzle, giving the operator complete control over the amount of water applied and the thickness and texture of the application. With shotcrete, the water is mixed with the sand and cement in the truck, which does not allow the operator to control the amount of water in the shotcrete. In addition, the shotcrete mixture thickens and additional water must be added to keep the mix thin enough to flow through the pump during application, which weakens the final product and results in an inconsistent application.





Construction Process

Tile is installed along what will be the waterline of the interior of the pool. Our craftsman install the coping - or the "lip" of your pool - around the pool's perimeter. Some options are safety-grip brick, flagstone, travertine and much much more.  You can visit our showroom to see all of the available copings.  We will only use the best materials and they will all last with a chlorine or salt pool.  We do not use landscape flagstone on our pools or any other coping material containing a high iron content. 

If your pool has a moss rock feature, we only use the best, low iron, moss rock.  If your pool has travertine, marble or other natural stone, we only use the best!  Our mason crew is the best in the business and all of our moss rock features rival Mother Nature.  We do not put tile below our moss rock features, we carry the rock into the pool for a natural look and feel.  You will not see any plumbing behind any of our features, rock or raised walls.  This looks (and is) a very cheap way of building water features.

Start-Up & Finishing Touches

Once filled, Kuykendall Custom Pools will start up the equipment and will provide "pool school" at your home and show you exactly how the equipment works and what chemicals are needed.  We do not do the pool school until your water chemistry is perfectly balanced.  This can take up to four weeks but do not worry at all.  Swim, enjoy your pool and let us take care of it for you during this time.

Design Process

Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction

Our master electrician will then come and work all of the electrical work for your equipment and lights.  We will need access to your electrical panel at this time.  If you can’t be home and your panel is in your garage we will need to make arrangements to have access on this day.

While we are waiting on your city permitting and/or HOA/POA, well will schedule underground location.  The utility companies will come out to mark lines.  We need to make sure that no lines are running through the pool and other project items.  If they are, we will make the suggestions as to what you need to do based on what line is in the way.  Should anything be in the way, it is your responsibility to have it moved but we will walk you through the process to make it as easy as possible. 

Our construction process is broke out into four phases:

Phase 1 – Layout, Excavation, Steel, Plumbing Stub Out & Gunite    (This phase is approx. 7 days)

Phase 2 – Tile, Coping & Rock, Plumbing/Equipment & Electrical  (This phase is approx. 14 days)

Phase 3 – Deck, Interior and Water  (This phase is approx. 14 days)

Phase 4 - Start Up & Finishing