Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction

DESIGN:  We have in house design experts with over 40 years’ experience in swimming pool and back yard designs.  Gaining International design awards, we take our time to bring your dreams to life.  We use Pool Studio design software, a premier 3D design software.  Although this design software is used by designers throughout the world, we have one of the first users of this program on our design team.  We create the best designs and presentations in the industry.  We do not use other companies’ designs.  When we are asked by a potential customer to show us another companies design and quote their design, we let them know that we are professional designers’ too, not just professional builders.  Our designs are above all others!

GUNITE ONLY: We do not use shotcrete.With shotcrete, the water is mixed with the sand and cement in the truck, which does not allow the operator to control the amount of water in the shotcrete. In addition, the shotcrete mixture thickens and additional water must be added to keep the mix thin enough to flow through the pump during application, which weakens the final product and results in an inconsistent application.  We have seen pools less than a year old crack so bad because of shotcrete or a gunite company that doesn’t use the correct materials. 

ELEVATION: If you’re building on a slope you will need the correct supports to insure a long trouble free life.  Make sure it is in your contract and it gets done.  We have removed and rebuilt pools sliding into the lake at a cost of over hundred thousand dollars, a cost of around four thousand in the beginning would have stopped this. 

GROUND MOVEMENT: All ground moves and your pool should be built to move with the ground.Some areas have much more ground movement as others so not all pools can be built exactly the same.If you live in an area where the ground moves a lot, there are structural items that can stabilize it.  A professional builder will know this and build your pool accordingly.  Discuss this and make sure that what you discuss is put in writing.

EQUIPMENTPentair has revolutionized the pool industry with innovative and high-performance pool pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, lights, automation systems and more. Each product is expertly engineered and crafted with pool and spa owners in mind, and adheres strict standards for quality performance and design. Pentair has decades of commitment to reliable, technologically advanced, and energy-efficient pool products that has built their reputation as the pool industry’s global leader. Whichever equipment manufacturer you choose, make sure that all of your pool equipment, that is on your equipment pad, is the same manufacturer.  When same manufacturing company is used, you will have a 3 yr warranty, parts and labor.  Should the equipment be mixed with different manufacturers, you will then only have a 1 year warranty.   This is also another area where a builder can cut corners, save them money and cause you problems down the road.  See www.pentairpool.com for more information.

INTERIOR:We only use PebbleTec interiors in our pools.We want only the best, don’t you?PebbleTec is a superior quality pool finish and is the best choice for the pool environment.Their commitment will always provide you will quality, durability, lower maintenance time and cost, credible warranties, and outstanding customer service.PebbleTec has a unique formula and application process of which installers are licensed and trained by PebbleTec.See www.pebbletec.com for more information.

MATERIALS:  We will only use the best materials and materials that are made for swimming pools.Many companies cut corners on materials to save them money only to have them deteriorate over time and leave you will a huge mess and needed to pay for a costly renovation.Do not let this happen to you!Do your research on materials and make sure that you are getting exactly what you are being told you are getting.Landscape materials should never be used on a swimming pool.

OUR COMPANY:  We do it right! We have general liability insurance and it is active, not just a piece of paper.Ask for proof of insurance and call to make sure that it is an active policy.We have an office, showroom, and conference room and design center.We do not work out of our house.We have made a commitment to this industry and have made it our career.We aren’t here for a few years just to try and make a few bucks.We take such pride in our work that we will take as much time as you need to make your decision.No high pressure sales techniques here!We will spend a day or days, driving you around to see our actual work and talk to actual customers.100% of our business comes from referrals and our website.We have never paid for advertising and that should speak volumes to you. We want to earn your business on our merits and reputation, not by fancy advertising techniques and a used car salesman mentality.We have the best warranties in our industry and it’s easy when you build things right and work with only companies that stand behind their work and materials as well.Many companies use a big word like “lifetime” and then by reading the small print you see it’s not lifetime at all.Read all the fine print on warranties and ask questions.You don’t want problems but if some should arise, you want to work with someone that will stand behind their product and make it right for you.Finally, we are a “debt free” company.Not only experts in construction, we have experts in business.Each Monday morning we owe no one!We use your money to build your pool.Should a company not pay for the materials used on your pool or not pay contractors for their work on your pool, those companies can put liens on your home.Be very careful of this.You have a right to ask for waivers of lien releases from everyone involved on your project and be very leery of any company that won’t do this.Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction has absolutely no problem providing these to any of our customers.

When you choose Kuykendall Custom Pools to build your swimming pool, you know what you’re getting up front, no hidden fees or guess work!  We do what we say we will do and our customers always get more than expected.   We are never more than a phone call away!   Each of our customers have our cell phone numbers, office number and email addresses, we don’t hide.  Kuykendall Custom Pools is here for you even after your pool is complete and your warranty is up.  We build relationships that last.

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